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    How do you leverage events to drive community activity?

    Jill Ross Intermediate

      Hi All,


      I'm working on a few ideas for an external B2B community for a company that participates in several tradeshows/conferences around the world every year. We would love to leverage that audience to acquire new community members and get our existing members/customers involved in conversations around these events - especially if they happen to be attending the same events, which many do.


      Any best practices or successful tactics you can share would be much appreciated.


      A few things I'm currently thinking about:


      1. Create a dedicated "Events 365" space to house everything related to events
      2. Leverage Tags to group content by individual events - I wouldn't use Categories because each event has a temporary shelf life. This way it works similar to Twitter event hashtags.
      3. Use Documents as landing pages (we are currently doing this) for promoting across social media. We want the community to be the central gathering place for an event, rather than the website, to keep the conversation going. There has been debate around Groups for each event, but again -- I don't want to create a specific event Place for something we only need for a few weeks/months.
      4. Surface the list of upcoming events via widget that links to each event Document.
      5. Possibly use Events module to allow members to RSVP - but I don't want to cause confusion since we're not the hosts; we just want to find out who in our community will be there. I'm thinking a "roll call" type of Discussion to gather this info would work just fine - or even just comments on the event Document.
      6. Interview-style discussions where community mgr asks company reps about key topics surrounding the event. Community members can chime in and participate.
      7. Post-event blogs with photos, takeaways, and any other relevant information to wrap up the event. Include a link to this in prospect follow-up emails.


      Obviously there are some holes in this approach as we're not currently integrated with our marketing automation system to track activity at the prospect level, but I could see that integration making a lot of sense for this use case, among many others.