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    Metadata (tags) List from Jive 7


      We are conducting a metadata research and need to know when content is uploaded into a system, what metadata is AUTOMATICALLY applied by the system as well as what is MANUALLY tagged. Is there a way to get a list of metadata that are automatically and manually applied when uploading documents to Jive 7? It should also include how users are tagging content. I would really appreciate any tips on that. Thank you!



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          Hi Michaela Pacesova - Tags are not automatically applied to Jive content. All tags are manually entered by end users in Jive.


          Although I don't think this is exactly what you're asking, there is a feature where you can create a category that has tag suggestions. The feature is if you end up giving certain tags to a piece of content, Jive can recommend a pre-configured category that matches these tags.


          Are you seeing something different in your instance with tags getting automatically populated? This could be achieved through some sort of customization.