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    Admin user for Jive Backend


      Hi everybody!

      We are going to leave Jive platform by the end of this year

      However, we will need to log into the admin console for consulting old posts .

      In our org we have many users with admin permission, and my question is which one of this user will be the admin user to enter the jive backend.

      Thank you for all support!

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          Hi ivan parise - You can use any account that has Full Access permissions to log into the admin console.  The admin console is not limited to a single user account.


          If you're managing an on-premise instance of Jive, and you're not able to log in with any of your accounts to get the admin console, you can run through the following KB article that outlines how to reset the password and permissions for the default 'admin' user account: How to unlock your admin account in Jive


          If you run into any issues or have follow up questions just let me know.

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              Hi David, thank you for the answer.

              But my doubt is which one of my admin users can log on Jive backend when the subscription will expired (by the end of the year).

              When subscription will be expired, we aren't able to enter on Jive with user profile but only with one admin profile.

              Which one of my admins profile will be able to access?

              Best regards.

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                  ivan parise - Thanks for the clarification around the license expiration. I can confirm that once your license expires, you will be locked out of your Jive site. I don't actually have any evidence of a specific user being excluded from this process, but if that is indeed the case, then I suspect that the user with the username of "admin" is what you're referring to.  Is there evidence you're seeing that suggests this is the case?


                  If you're running into issues logging into your instance, or a problem with your license, I'd recommend creating a new support case so we can work directly with you to figure this out.

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                    Ok David! I've logged me on Jive backend and changed the admin's user password.

                    If you ensure me that is OK, I can rest assured