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    Please help: add-ons not visible/usable

    sven.vetter Intermediate

      (Jive support isn't able to help me, I should ask here )


      After migration to Jive 7 we changed our self developed apps to add-ons.

      I installed the add-on (upload zip) and published it to the community. For me everything is fine...


      But for all other users the add-ons aren't visible in the apps menu - and not usable via direct URL (although I published it to the hole community. really. see here:)

      Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 21.42.04.png Screen+Shot+2014-12-12+at+20.28.41.png

      If another user install a (random) add from the Jive apps market, he see all add-ons and can us it.

      But if I install a new add-on (e.g. SmarterPath), he doesn't see it (until he install a further app from the app store)


      I did a lot of test, without success:

      • Rebuild Index (content and user)
      • Rebuild Browse index
      • Delete cache (within Jive)
      • Delete cache (within browser)
      • Other browsers (Chrom, Firefox, IE)
      • Other OS (Windows, Mac)
      • Restart all services
      • Restart Jive server
      • Remove all plugins and our custom theme
      • I changed in our test instance the jiveURL to direct connection (without load balancer / proxy) and use this direct connection
      • I changed the root context back from /trialog to /


      In the admin console -> Jive app store connectivity -> all app icons are green -> connection should be ok.


      One support recommendation:

      I should install Smarterpath from the app store, not use as add-on :-(((((



      • Jive (migrated from 5 to 6 to 7)
      • Direct connection to the internet
      • on-prem


      Any help?