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    How can we add more content to the About group popup

    pawans Advanced

      Hi Folks,

      I wanted to add some extra data about a group on the About popup shown in following screen.

      The popup appears when the link in red in clicked.


      Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 11.41.49 PM.png


      On this popup I want to display a google group id associated with this jive group.

      The google group name is same as the url name of the group (display name in jive api context).


      I can have a tile through jive-sdk display this info or a new page / app on group tab to display this.

      But I want to utilize the default about group popup for this.

      Any idea how this can be done. I just want to add one extra field with value.

      Is it even possible to edit this popup in cloud?


      I need solution specific to latest cloud release.


      cc Ryan Rutan