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    HTML Widget - "Watch This Category"


      Hey there community!


      I was looking for a widget that allows me to watch a category, similarly to the "Watch this tag" widget. Unfortunately I couldn't find it in the list of widgets and after browsing around forums I couldn't see one.

      I don't have admin privileges to the jive server but I'm an admin in a group and want to add this feature to my page, so i have to use the HTML widget since I can't install an add-on (as far as I'm aware of).

      Help: Could anymore advise how I'd go about pulling data from the database to populate a list/table? Does jive even use a particular db with an api in place?


      Pull data from the database (hopefully there's an API in place)
      Populate a list or table

      Display in widget


      Only admin to group

      HTML Widget upload