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    Has anyone developed a Gamification template?


      I have a lot of folks coming to me requesting games and missions for their departments. So I've been thinking about creating a Gamification template I could send them prior to an initial discovery meeting. The idea would be to get them thinking about how to actually use Gamification for a business objective.


      But before I jump into it, I was wondering if anyone has already developed a Gamification template I could give them? No sense in reinventing the wheel.



      Some questions I could think to include would be...


      1. Why do you want to use Gamification in your community?
      2. What is the desired outcome of the game/mission?
      3. When do you want to achieve the outcome?
      4. Who needs to participate?
      5. Why would someone want to join your game?
      6. What action will they take to participate?


      Then the typical (how many people,points, length of mission, badge name, etc.)


      Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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          Hi Keith,

             We see this happen all the time and it's important to remember that you need act more like the Federal Reserve than the IRS. What I mean by this is it is better to have a plan about how many points to allow into your economy rather than try to take some back after you have blown out your point values. We generally recommend developing a Gamification Council, and this can start with just the interested parties, and determine how many points are going to be allowed in your instance. Then you give each member who represents a department/division/etc. a set number of points. They can choose to have 2 or 20 missions and break their allocated points into each mission, but it maintains the overall integrity of the game. This way HR's missions are no more important than IT's missions.


          I feel like a form may not give you the detail and collaboration you need.

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