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    New Setup issue


      I previously had a Producteev account using the email address ian.crickmore@geronimo-web.eu.

      My Boss has today used his account (nick.lawton@geronimo-web.eu) and invited me and several other colleagues to use Producteev.


      All my colleagues have connected no problem, can see the Geronimo network, and have sucessfully downloaded and installed the Outlook plugin.


      I however, could not see the Geronimo network, and when I installed the Outlook plugin, nothing happened (I am using the same version of outlook as the others - Outlook 2013).

      I tried creating a new account using my new email address of ian.crickmore@geronimo-web.com but this didn't work either.

      I have since deleted BOTH of my accounts as I thought they may be conflicting with each other somehow.


      The Outlook plugin is installed on my machine as if I try to reinstall it asks me if I want to repair or uninstall, but even though it is installed, I do not see the Producteev icons anywhere and there is no "Send to Producteev" in the right click menu of any email as there is on my colleagues installations.  I have tried repairing, and uninstalling and reinstalling but to no avail.


      If my accounts are still there, you can delete them as there is no data in them that I need to keep.


      Please can you advise me what I need to do as I have been tasked with using Producteev starting now.



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          Nick here, as mentioned above.


          I have now moved to a new PC running Windows 8 and the latest Outlook for Office 365. I now have the exact same issue as above! This is not good Jive!


          I have gone into my outlook settings and Jive is listed in there as an "INACTIVE AD-IN". I guess this is the cause of our issues, however there is no obvious way to make it active. Please help ASAP!!!


          Thanks, Nick