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    How do you (cloud customers) easily prepare for upgrades?

    Keeley Sorokti Advanced

      In today's The specified item was not found. meeting, several of us who run on cloud were sharing that we have a hard time figuring out how to gather all of the information we need to prepare for a cloud upgrade.


      Julie Cardinali Brancik and I both run cloud communities but it is a small part of our job and we find that it is hard for us to stay on top of the new features, quickly find all relevant content and then figure out what features apply to our communities.


      The The specified item was not found. group has information but it is for all releases so if I follow that group in my inbox I get way too much information in my inbox. So I have to be proactive to follow individual documents in my inbox or e-mail watch stream, such as Fall 2014 Cloud Release. Is this the only way that people have found to stay on top of cloud content?


      There is a category in the The specified item was not found. group for each release but I can't follow a category in my inbox.


      How have others managed staying on top of information about upcoming cloud releases? I realize that this is partially my own issue of lack of time but am just curious if others have some tips I could learn from.


      P.S. Julie Cardinali Brancik - here is the preview site that I told you about - it allows you to see the new features and play around in the version prior to upgrade: https://preview-jive.jiveon.com/inbox

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          Julie Cardinali Brancik Beginner

          Thanks, Keeley Sorokti.  I tried to log into the preview site you posted, but I don't have an ID... do I put a case out there to get access or am I missing something?

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            thales Expert

            Keeley Sorokti - I feel your frustration! The lack of documentation is very disappointing. I work for a software company, and we thoroughly document all bug fixes and new features with each release. We then provide that document to our customers. With the Cloud releases it's like an Easter egg hunt. And most of those Easter eggs are found after the release has been pushed to production. We do have a preview instance that gets the upgrade a few weeks early, but it is difficult to reproduce all of the same behaviors as I have in my live community. In Preview I get the "New Features" notification in my inbox, but even then so some those features so not apply to my community. We have that notification turned off in my production instance because once we did not enable all the new features and my customers started asking where it was because of the notification. If Jive is not going to provide adequate documentation, then we as a user group should create our own documents as we do our own testing.

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              thales Expert

              Better documentation is coming....


              Sneak Peek: JiveX Winter 2015 Cloud Release

              Helping You Prepare for the Release Upgrade:

              We're introducing several new practices to provide a seamless transition and improve your adoption of release innovations. 


              Preview Documentation

              Upgrade FAQ

              Documentation Aligned with Experience

              Draft documentation will be made available during the Preview wave of an upgrade. This includes draft versions of Cloud Community Manager Help and Cloud End User Help documentation for the 2015 Winter Cloud Release.

              Release documentation will be enriched with an Upgrade FAQ document covering the new News feature and navigation changes.  This document will be available during the Previewwave.

              This is the first release we're shipping with feature toggles, where new functionality can be switched ON or OFF through the admin console.  This can result in one of two experiences; one for existing upgrade customers and one for net-new cloud customers. Two versions of documentation will be issued to align with each particular instance.

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                Hi Keeley Sorokti and Timothy Hales,


                Based on feedback received at Jiveworld 14 about wanting insight into upcoming releases sooner rather than later, our Docs teams published guides earlier than ever before.  We definitely hear you about wanting insight into what's coming in upcoming releases so you can prepare.


                You can find a slew of information here:


                Both of those are published in the The specified item was not found. group.  Since you feel that group is too noisy, I'd suggest following Marya DeVoto; she's our Documentation Lead.

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                  Dennis Pearce Advanced

                  We just moved to the cloud two weeks ago from being on 6.0 so still trying to digest all those changes in the face of the coming Winter Release, which will be the first one that is "pushed" to us.  We want to develop a process and cadence around these, so we're trying this out -- keep in mind that this is our first time so subject to change.  As background, we have our own preview instance and we have a Champions group.  Most of our Champions have also joined the Jive Community.  Here are the steps we are testing out:


                  1. Once Jive starts posting sneak peeks, deep dives, etc. I create a document in our Champions group where I aggregate links out to those items in the JC so that the Champions can find them easily.
                  2. Once Jive announces when the preview environments will be updated, I schedule two meetings -- one for our Core Team (a mix of IT/HR/Corp Comm people who support our Jive instance) a few days after the update and one for the Champions a few days after that.  For example Jive updated the preview instances late last week so we had a Core Team meeting Tuesday and a Champions meeting today.
                  3. Once the preview instance is updated, admins like myself immediately get into it to understand the new features, then present them at the Core Team meeting.  We discuss the implications and try to reach a consensus at a high level on whether we turn them on (if we have the option), what the messaging around them should be, etc.
                  4. At the Champions meeting, we present the same information along with the Core Team's impressions and recommendations and blend in any feedback from the Champions.  Our preview instance is synced with our LDAP so anyone in the company can log into it to explore the new features if they choose, so the Champions and others can get in and start playing around any time they like.
                  5. In whatever remaining time is left between these meetings and production updates, the Core Team works on preparation and messaging while the Champions pull any users into the preview instance they might want to in order to begin exploring how their business areas might begin using the new features.  With any luck when we go live we are not just exposing new capabilities but have some use cases and knowledgeable users we can point to in order to help everyone understand how the features can be used.


                  Of course as I mentioned above, we are right in the middle of trying this for the first time so it might turn out to be completely unworkable.  But hey, working out loud and all that ... 

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