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    User Group Recap and Plan for Next Time

    cservilio Intermediate

      Hi all, we had a great User Group Meeting on Thursday. Here's what we did:


      Many thanks again to our speakers and to Kelly Carlsted for being such a big help in organizing everything!


      Now, on to plans for our next user group.  We'd like to try to get it on everybody's calendar! Please give me your feedback on:

      • The date: We threw around the date of June 4, which is the first Thursday in June.  If that doesn't work for you, let me know!
      • Topics: A few people expressed an interest in spending some time at our next user group meeting discussing content management in Jive!  If you have any others in mind, let me know in the comments!
      • Location: if you have any interest in hosting a user group meeting, that's great!  We're going to try to do 3 more user groups this year, so there are plenty to go around if you think this could be something you might like to do.


      Lastly, thanks to all who attended either in person or virtually! 

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          cmandel Beginner

          Thank you Caitlin Servilio and your colleagues at Chubb for hosting the user group! While the weather left much to be desired I think this was great and look forward to the next one!

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            dmudgett Beginner

            It was a great session and even better to be able to meet some local Jivers! Maybe in person attendees can get a community badge


            Thanks Caitlin Servilio and the Chubb team hosts.

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              Great user group, thank you Chubb for hosting.  I especially enjoyed the open discussion portion of the meeting, it is always interesting learning about client's challenges and successes.  Caitlin Servilio, please let me know if you need any help organizing the June meetup.


              As far as topics, I agree a in depth discussion on content management would be beneficial to all.  How are other clients leveraging categories and tags?  How do we make sure that employees are using Jive as a collaborative hub rather than making it another inbox/shared drive?   How do other CMs clean-up communities and archive stale content?


              I'd also be interested in hearing from those who were in the process of upgrading during this last meeting.  Have they upgraded?  What have they learned?  What would they do differently?


              Lastly, and this may have to wait until the September session, but I would be keen to dive deeper into the discussions around adoption.   Claire Richardson began some around AMAs.  AMAs and  other short-term campaigns are a guaranteed way to drive users onto the platform, but for an allotted period of time.  Let's share tips on small, everyday tasks CMs can take to start driving engagement long term.