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    Private Communities


      We have a private community that we would like to mass invite approximately 300 employees to, or automatically add them to the community. Are either of these possible?    Thanks!

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          Hi Michelle,


          Reviewing trough your inquiry the options available will vary depending on your instance's configuration. If you are using an LDAP or SSO provider to manage your users you should be able to automatically provision them from that system. For more information on those options I would encourage you to review through the following sections of the Jive Documentation:


          Synchronizing LDAP Users

          General SAML Integration Settings


          Additionally, if you are using the Jive to authenticate your users and you allowing users to create their own accounts you should see an invite button on the homepage of your instance, similar to what is displayed here on the Jive Community:

          Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.09.32 AM.png


          Lastly, if these options are not available in your specific Jive instance I would recommend opening up a case in your company's secret group here in the Jive Community so that we can look into the specific options available for your instance.