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    Uses for Place Categories


      In the Introducing Jive Summer 2014 Release, Place Categories were introduced.


      Besides being able to filter search results by place category, what are other use cases?


      Is there a tile/widget that can surface the Place Categories?  (looking specifically on the homepage overview layout)


      Any insight is appreciated.  Thanks!

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          We were wondering the same thing as we've worked hard to get our users to

          use categories and now there appears to be no tile for them.




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            Kate Bellard

            Hi everyone. We've been on version 6 and will be upgrading to version 8 this weekend (so a little late to the place categories conversation).


            I've been asked to give a breakdown of all places in our community. For example, how many sites are used for communications vs help & support vs project management vs knowledge sharing, etc. This is going to be a manual process for me, but I was thinking that this might be a good time to look at using place categories once we are on Jive 8. Create the categories and manually edit the places and assign the correct category. Moving forward, I thought I could run a report to view the number of places within a category.


            However, I'm looking at the CMR in our version 8 test environment and there doesn't appear to be a report that pulls place categories. Does anyone know if there is a report that will give me place categories?


            If the only thing place categories do is give you the option to filter by category on the Places page, it's probably not worth the manual process of editing each place.


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                Kate, you raise valid points. We have had the place categories for over a year and I don't have any evidence that anyone has used them for anything at all. I hoped people would use them to find places related to their business unit, but we did not undertake the kind of manual editing process that you are considering, plus you'd have to keep up as new places are added. I have not seen enough potential benefits for this to rise from the bottom of my to-do list.