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    Is there an advanced search interface?


      I'm creating a group homepage and toolbar that will navigate a user to related sub-groups so that discussions can be categorized into pertinent topics: Engineering, Finance, Manufacturing, Quality, etc. However, the correct location for one's question is open to interpretation (i.e. a user may not be able to decide whether to post his question in Manufacturing or Quality). This opens up the possibility for the same question to be asked and answered within two different groups, thus wasting efforts. Currently, the only search options that exist are: 1.) Filtering for words within the Content section of one group or 2.) Searching for words within every group ever created by all of our business users. This leads to two user problems: 1.) I have to search multiple groups (in our case, 6) in order to figure out if the question that I'm about to ask has already been posed and answered and 2.) If I use the global search, I then have to sort through hundreds of search result, most of which I don't care about. I'm looking for a way to limit my Content or word searches to just the 6 sub-groups that I have created in order to mitigate the effects of users posting their questions in the wrong areas and the confusion and duplication of work that would ensue.