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    Issues with "Welcome New User" email

      Hello Community Managers - Just checking  in to see if any of you have noticed issues with the Welcome New User emails being sent when new folks are admitted to your community.  We are seeing a return to a generic Jive email, despite having checked/double-checked that we've enabled sending the email via the admin console and have our custom template ready to go.   The system does indeed display our custom message as part of testing using the admin console (preview, send test email), but wont execute in Production. We have been unable to have the system send our custom email for any of the "dummy new users" we are creating as part of registration testing.

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          Kara Francis

          I'm curious what others have experienced as well.


          We just set up our Jive-N cloud instance, and I noticed that the sender name on the Welcome email says "Jive" and the email address is our company name @jiveon.com     The "new action item" email that gets sent upon registration has the same thing.  I just replied to those messages and they bounced back.  We are still setting up all of our email templates, so I don't know what other templates have the same behavior.


          I haven't added any test users recently in our Jive-X instance, but maybe the same thing is happening there (I can test this later).  But I do know that our daily/weekly digests say that they are from Jive and the email address is root@localhost   I replied to that email as well, but am unsure where it actually went - it hasn't bounced back yet.

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            We are experiencing some difficulties as well. I just submitted a case, however ours is a slightly different problem. When new users go to register, they are shown an error message saying: "Sorry, you must register with the same email address that the invitation was sent to."... the problem is that these users  have never registered before..


            Anyone else seeing this issue with their instance?

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              Libby Taylor

              Hi Becky Dozier

              Be sure to also submit a ticket in your support group for this situation. Sounds like something wacky is going on.