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    While creating an external bookamrk using rest API the subject seems to be different then what I provide.




      My service call: api/core/v3/contents


      POST JSON:


      "content": {

      "type": "text/html",

      "text": "test it"



      {"type": "url" ,

      "url": "<JIVEurl>/groups/drewtestgroup1"} ,

      "subject": "subject : groupName" ,

      "type": "favorite" ,

      "private": true



      I am using this to post an external bookmark. If I post any external urllike google.com,apple.com the subject comes correctly but if I bookmark a jive group the subject in the response always changes to 'Login | Main'


      I dont know why this happens.

      But if i create external bookmarks using create menu option then I don't face this issue. Am i passing the values correctly?

      I want group name to be the main title not 'Login |Main'


      Any help is appreciated.