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    jive-base.css location inconsistent?

    butch Novice

      I found This post referencing how to get the location of jive-base.css


      I have EnvironmentA and EnvironmentB. 


      EnvironmentA has the CSS located @ https://environmenta.jiveon.com/styles/jive-base.css

      opensocial.getEnvironment().jiveUrl returns: https://environmenta.jiveon.com


      EnvironmentB has the CSS located @ https://environmentb.jiveon.com/

      opensocial.getEnvironment().jiveUrl returns: https://environmentb.jiveon.com


      So, from what I can tell, I cannot use opensocial.getEnvironment().jiveUrl+/styles/jive-base.css


      Ryan, any idea how I can figure out where jive-base.css is located?