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    Updates to Jive Java SDK Jersey Edition


      Hello Everyone,


      I am starting to develop my first Jive app and I am looking at the Jiva Java SDK documentation. I have two questions so far:


      1. In the Jive SDK - Java & Jersey Edition - Overview document it mentions there is a known issue with maven 3.1.x and 3.2.x. Is that still the case?

      2. Using this document: jivesoftware/jive-sdk-java-jersey · GitHub I got to the point where it mentions there is an example.zip. I can't find it, did anyone else have similar difficulties.



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          I was using Ubuntu 12.04 on VMware which I did eventually get to work. I also received a new mac os and got it running on that as well.  Here are my findings:

          1. I needed to use the downgraded version of maven on Ubuntu (3.0.5). I forgot to do this with my Mac installation but it just worked.

          2. Instead of example.zip, use extension.zip, located in: jive-sdk-java-jersey/jive-addon/src/main/webapp/extension.zip

          3. On Ubuntu you have to use  cd jive-addon; mvn -DclientUrl=http://your.resolvable.host.name -Dport=8090 jetty:run without clean. Otherwise you get a huge nasty orange exception screen.