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    How to unsubscribe from Jive as a user


      Throughout our user testing, we noticed that there is no native functionality within the Jive platform for users to unsubscribe. There is a functionality to "leave" social groups and users can un-follow spaces as they choose, however there was no way that we found for a user to submit to have their account deleted.


      I assume there were other users who had this problem (maybe not?)


      Is there maybe a functionality in the Admin Console we missed? Or maybe a best practice we can implement for users who want to unsubscribe?



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          Hi Kevin,

          Because deleting an account is permanent and will delete everything about the user's presence in the system, which includes content that was created by that user. Jive is set up so that only Site Admins can delete an account. Since deleting is permanent, we suggest you only disable the account. This will allow their content to stay published but will also allow the user to leave the community.


          If you have an internal site, users should submit a request to their Community Manager or IT team to have the account disabled.


          If you use an External site, you can create a space in Jive where users can request to have the account disabled.


          For example, this Jive Community is Jive's external site and we have put together a document with instructions on users can can abandon their account here:How to Abandon My Jive Community Profile (Stop Emails)


          Hope this helps.

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