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    Frame Maker documentation to Jive documentation


      Hey Folks,

      We are currently looking for a way to convert our documentation created in Framemaker to Jive documents.  Our documentation team is comfortable in the Framemaker system, so I think it's going to be very hard to pull them out of it.

      • Has anyone faced this challenge before?
      • Does anyone know of a plugin to Framemaker that creates Jive documents or a converter? (Framemaker does export HTML, but there are so many assets that come with the HTML it's impossible to create a jive document with the HTML.)
      • Has anyone successfully weaned their documentation team off Framemaker and onto Jive?  If so, what was your magic plan??
      • Any other thoughts on documentation in Jive?



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          Hi Lindsay!


          I've used Framemaker a lot in a previous life, and given the fact that it is such a powerful, mature and stable product, I think you are going to have a very hard time with this. Given what tech writers normally use FM for, you might as well ask them to switch to Notepad ;-)

          Think about how difficult it is to get business users to stop using Outlook and use Jive instead (where Jive is actually a good alternative in many cases).

          I am not aware of a FM plugin like this. I can only think of exporting to PDF and uploading as binary documents in Jive.


          Given the fact that even Jive themselves don't use Jive for documentation (their doc sites seem to be created using something like oxygen), managing and creating formal documentation isn't a strong point of Jive. There are just too many limitations around the RTE, lack of structure and content management functions.


          The only example I can think of was the SAP Docupedia, but that project was canceled years ago, and I didn't see much activity when it was still online.


          Sorry to disappoint, but this is a tough one.

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              I totally agree.  I wish that Jive would make a larger investment in content creation/management. I think this is a key market that's getting missed by Jive and taking users out of the Jive experience.  For example, updates to our documentation take months to publish because the entire document has to be updated and released. So, if there's simple typo which affects the installation there is now way to note the mistake in the documentation (either the customer letting us know about the mistake or us correcting the mistake).  I hate that our documentation turns into a stagnant reference guide instead of a living document like the rest of our Wiki articles on Jive.  

              Thanks for your feedback.  Looks like I should start an idea...maybe a plugin is the best stop gap so writers can stay in Frame Maker, but the documentation is synced to Jive.