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    Best Practices: Use of Structured Outcomes in External Communities

    jkurutz Advanced

      Hi everyone,


      I'd like your help thinking about how to use structured outcomes in external communities.


      First, maybe you can help me find a comprehensive introduction to the subject. The documentation I've found so far focuses on the mechanics of managing structured outcomes, but I haven't found a good discussion of how to use them effectively in a community. Here are a couple of the documentation entries I've found so far:

      Jive-x Help, https://docs.jivesoftware.com/cloud_ext/comm_mgr/jive.help.core/JiveX.pdf



      • Is there a list of all possible outcomes somewhere? The PDF document doesn't name the outcomes, and the other help files I found mention "Final, Official, Outdated, and so on." What else is there?
      • How many possible outcomes may we have? It looks like one can do lots to things with structured outcomes, like renaming them (How to Rename Structured Outcomes) and limiting their availability, but is it possible to add more (if desired)?
      • How many of these are relevant in an external community? I like the ability to flag company-produced materials as "official", but others designations mystify me.
        • What does "Mark as Success" mean?
        • If something is "Marked for Action", what's supposed to happen? Who's supposed to act on it?
        • What's the difference between marking something as a Success from marking it as Final?
        • As a community manager, how do you coordinate marking questions as "Success" or "Final" with the more established "Correct" and "Helpful"?
          • Do the Community Manager Reports track these markings?
          • If a question is marked as a Success, will it still be displayed in the Unanswered Questions widget/tile?


      If anyone's prepared a comprehensive strategy for managing Structured Outcomes, I'd love to see it.


      Thanks for your help!


      - Josh

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          Julie Cardinali Brancik Beginner

          All great questions.  I'd like to see how others answer them.  I've been mystified by them in our external community, as well.

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            Billy Volpone Advanced

            Also agree, great questions. These are fairly new abilities overall, so your feedback can help further improve or add to what's in place today. Personally, I think the two biggest outcomes for the Jive-x use cases are: "Official" and "Outdated". These will be huge for knowledge base content or making sure to outdated answer questions which no longer might be viable. The ability to hotlink to the new content once you mark something as "Outdated" also help with navigation should a use stubble on said content.


            From what I understand, there aren't ways to add to these today but would love to hear what you might like to add and why. As for for the other items, I think most of those are there for your internal creation and iteration of content (ex: marking a document as "reserved" while it's in process of being created so you don't need to keep the rich text editor open... using "mark for action" for yourself or another user to set up a lightweight task management as a call to complete something on the current content... marking "final" to signify that there should no longer be any edits on a document... and so on).


            Really, these can be seen as visual prompts in most cases for creators and collaborators. The only outside option being able to use "success" for discussion threads. I personally wouldn't use that for Q&A threads, which have "correct" markers, but for the more open discussion/best practice threads in which there isn't necessarily 1 answer.


            These are mostly just my own thoughts though and how I use it day to day.

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              jimtrudeau Novice

              I'm a community manager at AMD (semiconductors). I manage an external community for software developers, and advise the big company on the entire external community.


              Within my developer community, I intend to use structured outcomes. My expectations are to limit them to primarily Outdated (link to new one) and Official. Ability to assign an outcome will be limited to moderators or AMD personnel, and will be applied to AMD content. (Expect to enable user creation of significant content in the coming months, and we'll revisit this.)


              My feature request: I can't see any way to apply a structured outcome to an uploaded FILE. Only to a DOCUMENT created in Jive. This is a huge limitation. If we put up a spreadsheet of, for example, instruction set latencies in a particular processor, we are NOT going to recreate that in a Jive document. I need to assign that "outcome" to an uploaded file.


              This is all still new (we upgraded mid-May) and I'm just exploring.

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                shanna Advanced

                We just upgraded to Jive 7 this weekend and am looking at how to use Structured Outcomes effectively. Some improvements I thought of:


                1. Do not auto archive discussions of certain specified outcomes. For example, my Developer's forum has thousands of posts. Hence, we turned auto-archive on. It would be nice if auto-archive allows me to indicate which outcome(s) should be excluded from auto-archiving. For example, if a discussion is marked Helpful, Official or is the Correct answer, then I don't want to archive it away. Not without reviewing it anyway.

                2. Outcomes can only be restricted as all or nothing. I would like to allow some outcomes to be accessible to some folks while others are only for privileged users. For example, end-users (non-privilege users) in my Developer's Forum can already mark a discussion as "Correct Answer" or "Helpful Answer". It would be nice if these users could mark a discussion as "Mark as Outdated" too. That way, the space admin can review if the content is indeed old. If so, we archive or update right away.

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                  perrinelson Novice

                  I've found that a simple way to get the available outcome types is to make a call to the API to get them.
                  A call to "contents/{contentId}/outcomeTypes" returns a JSON array of outcome types. To get the remaining types that don't show up in that array, a call to "/contents/{contentId}/childOutcomeTypes" returns a JSON array of all of the other types. There is some overlap in them..


                  I ended up with this set of constants (C$)


                  private const string DECISION_OUTCOME_TYPE_ID = "1";


                  private const string FINALIZED_OUTCOME_TYPE_ID = "2";


                  private const string HELPFUL_OUTCOME_TYPE_ID = "4";


                  private const string OUTDATED_OUTCOME_TYPE_ID = "7";


                  private const string OFFICIAL_OUTCOMETYPE_ID = "8";


                  private const string PENDING_OUTCOME_TYPE_ID = "3";


                  private const string RESOLVED_OUTCOME_TYPE_ID = "5";


                  private const string SUCCESS_OUTCOME_TYPE_ID = "6";


                  private const string WIP_OUTCOME_TYPE_ID = "9";


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                    Geoff Davenport Novice

                    Hi all - I'm new to Jive, and am building out my organiztion's first external community.  I found this thread and discovered that Structured Outcomes would be a very useful tool for us, but after testing them realized that they aren't visually prominent enough for my end users. 


                    I created this idea ( ) to address this need.  If y'all would find it helpful as well, please take a look and upvote/comment.  Thanks!