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    How do get REST API access via XHR from external website?

    misleb Novice

      I'm trying to pull a news feed from our Jive community onto our related E-commerce site using the REST API,  but cross-origin scripting restrictions prohibit that kind of request.


      lounge.everskin.com -> https://community.everskin.com/api/core/v3/people/2019/@news is forbidden per browser restrictions and lack of CORS.


      I tried using JSONP, but it seems at least Chrome has put a stop to passing HTTP Basic auth credentials in image/javascript resource request URLs. The remaining option is to have CORS setup to permit access, but I don't believe Jive offers this feature.


      What do? Do I have any other options? Can I have CORS setup to permit any origin under *.everskin.com? Maybe there's some way to pull a news feed that doesn't require credentials?