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    Capturing "click through" on our Hero Banners

      Hello smart Jive people Jive External Communities  Jive Internal Communities Jive Power Users - we use our own type of hero banners (created as an html widget) throughout our external community. These banners are used to promote events, videos, content, etc.   Some of business owners have started asking if it's possible for us to provide feedback on the total # of impressions & the click-through-rates when the banners include links to either content or to new containers in the community.  Seems like advanced analytics using the data export service might yield some results, but I am just speculating.  Looking for any information that might help us focus our research on this one. 

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          We add a campaign tracking code to things like that (including the top menu and footer menu) and have Omniture track it. For feature usage tracking, we use Omniture custom events. I know that doesn't answer your question, but it at least shows you what's possible... it's just dependent on what analytics you've got in place.

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              We also add campaign codes but the challenge that I find is that it's not a true representation of clickthrough's for us. The campaign ID is usually if the person actually completes the full download, i.e. clicked from thwack which takes them to our Marketo Registration Form to download product trial. We can see that the registration form is attributing the download from thwack but it's not really telling us how they got to that download, since many times those downloads can be in numerous places. We would need/want to see if the banner we're promoting that month did it's job and we can't really get that data utilizing the campaign codes accurately. Have you run into this at all Matt Collinge?

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              I have seen the "et" parameter on URLs from emails so it may be possible to create your own "et" and report on it.