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    Help - I'm rapidly becoming confused!

    Dennis Pearce Advanced

      I found a bug after this weekend's upgrade that prevents a user from selecting a blog in the blog posts widget.  I was going to create a case for it but noticed that it had already been identified by another customer in this table Customer Issues with 2015.2 and 2015.3 Cloud Release created in Internal Communities.  This got me to recall that there is a similar table for News bugs Problems with News created in Configuring News for Internal Communities


      Those are examples of customer-initiated bug logs, but there is also Jive's Known Issues in Jive-n and Jive-x 2015.2 in Jive-n & Jive-x as well as Known Issues in Jive-n and Jive-x 2015.2 (Preview Draft) located in The specified item was not found..  Both "Known Issues" logs were last updated within just a few minutes of each other on June 26, yet they are different lengths and each contains bugs that the other one doesn't.


      And this doesn't include the bugs that get reported in the comments of the various sneak peeks and deep dives.


      On top of all this, not only are all of the various bug logs I listed above located in different places from each other, but none of those places happens to be this place, Jive Support, which seems like the logical place.



      • How can I know whether any of the various customer-initiated logs and "bug comments" is being looked at by Jive? 
      • How do I know for sure whether something is a known bug before I create a case?
      • If I do find what looks like a bug right after an upgrade, is the best approach to create a private case or to post something here?  Or to post something in one of the many other places people seem to be posting bugs?
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          Keeley Sorokti Advanced

          I am also rapidly becoming confused Dennis. Thanks for sharing this.

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            Dennis, I am sorry the preview versus final bug lists became confusing. The one marked Preview Draft was not changed--we started to move it to the public Jive-n/Jive-x area and update it there, but realized we didn't want to expose customer comments from Preview to the whole community. So we decided to make new documents for the final release notes, and preserve the Preview ones and their comments in Jive Customers.


            For the final reports on what we released with, use the release notes in Jive-n and Jive-x that don't say "draft" on them.

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              Dennis Pearce Advanced

              So I realized I should probably not just complain but at least make some attempt at offering a solution, so here's one that would work for me:


              • Prior to updating with a new version (whether in preview or cloud), part of the message along with "here's when your instance will be upgraded" should be "here's where to log any issues you might find" (maybe this space?)
              • Create a table similar to the customer ones I referenced above which is what your message would link to.  Consider it a working document for customers to log issues in one place where we all could see.
              • Have a column in the table for Jive to comment -- acknowledging something as a bug or "unable to replicate" or whatever status you come up with
              • Eventually known issues move off this working list and onto the "official" Release Notes


              Something like this would let me quickly know after an upgrade whether some new anomaly I discover has already been reported or whether I need to call it to Jive's attention.


              Maybe this isn't exactly the right way, but any method of centralizing the flurry of customer bug reports after an upgrade would be helpful.  I have had several situations in the past where I logged a private case for something that was already known.  It would save my time as well as the time of other community managers and Jive Support if we could avoid that kind of redundant work.

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                  Thanks for the clarity about what would help. I'll bring that up with Support management, since I work out of Engineering where our visibility into breaking cases isn't quite as good.

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                    Hi Dennis,


                    I talked to our Support Team about the best approach to this. There are two approaches you can take.


                    The first approach you can take if you would like to ask a general question that other customers may know about is to post a discussion to our public Support Space: Jive Training and Support Resources

                    Questions posted here are actively monitored by members of the Jive Support team. There isn't an SLA as there is for Support cases, but the questions are monitored and answered. Using this Space gives you the chance to search for whether another customer had a similar question, and gives other customers a chance to find your discussion and the ensuing replies.


                    If the question you post turns out to be a product bug, we will generally open a case in your private customer group. We have a couple reasons for this, based on how our Support team runs its operations:

                    1. Every bug that is reported is associated with the customer(s) who reported it. Bugs that are reported by many customers get higher weight in the queue to be fixed.
                    2. When a bug is associated with your private group, we can follow our process to proactively follow up with you to let you know when the bug is fixed.


                    The second approach would be to file the issue as a Support case in your private customer group.


                    If you start the report as a public discussion, our Support team will take care of identifying whether the issue needs to be made private, so it's a good call to start it as public if the issue doesn't contain any of your sensitive data.

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                    Hi Dennis Pearce - I wanted to point you to a document that the Jive Training and Support Resources has put together as an official ongoing list of commonly reported issues identified in the latest Cloud release: Commonly Reported Jive Cloud 2015.2 Customer Issues.


                    This serves as a more official version of the community curated list of issues found at Issues with 2015.2 Cloud Release. The document is based directly off of issues customers are reporting and we'll be updating it as issues get resolved and updates go out.