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    Webhook for all contents?

    thundercat Novice

      Dear community,


      I would like to be notified about every content that is added to a Jive instance (in every place), no matter if it is a blog post, a message in discussion etc..

      My first naive approach would be to register a webhook the root space:




      Does such a webhook inform about every possible content (including sub sub spaces or comments on comments) or only about changes to the children of root?




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          Using the Data Export API might be a more reasonable approach, as it collects all content creation anyway. Webhooks aren't always as stable as we wish in my experience ( Max Klinger also has some war stories about this), and I haven't seen much information about scalability at this level.

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              pawans Advanced

              We had a bit similar use case where we wanted to get notified of something for which there were no webhooks.

              And that too within 1-5 mins max. Depending on that our service had to take some action.


              We utilised Data Export Api. We gave a filter for specific events and time duration of last 10 mins to the api.

              There was no performance issue and we have it working for more than a month now.

              So even I would suggest Data Export api.

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