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    Update on combining the Internal and External community groups

    Libby Taylor

      Hey everyone, just wanted to give you an update: we will not be combining the two groups.


      About the situation


      I've dug a little deeper and thought more strategically about this and have come up with the following facts.


      • The Jive Community has official places already for Partners and Developers. We do not have an official Jive space for Community Managers.
      • Both of the Jive Internal Communities and Jive External Communities places are groups, and primarily peer-to-peer discussion groups at that. I believe that these groups serve the purpose of providing focused places for community discussions to take place. And in fact, the content reflects the success in doing just that.
      • We lack official content directed at community managers to help them with the hot topics in managing their communities.
      • We lack connections between the places that already exist for community managers such as the places listed above as well as the multiple training groups for community managers.


      The solution

      A centralized Jive-owned space just for community managers. That does mess with the groups we have that already work and addresses the needs outlined above.

      Community Manager space:

      • Contains thought-leadership content (blogs, best practices, how-to docs) aimed at the challenges community managers face.
      • Links/CTAs to community manager training
      • Feeds from both the Internal and External community discussion groups
      • A widget to ask the community management experts (I'm going field those questions and loop in our professional services experts as needed)

      It will be a great space for newcomers to get started in community management while still encouraging the great deep discussions happening among community members who have a little more experience.

      What you should know

      I'm going to launch the new space a long with the new home page design, see The Jive Community is being redesigned! I'll also be moving blog content that I consider general CM best practices over to the Community Manager space. I'll ask for permission in advance if the content was written by a non-Jiver.

      I hope that we can build this space into a fantastic place for all community managers.

      Thank you for your continued feedback and support.

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          Hi Libby - thanks for this - it looks like you have given a lot of thought to how best support us -


          What I find slightly frustrating, is that we tend to jump on board each of these new initiatives, and provide our input and thoughts - only to have discussions amongst ourselves, rather than with jive. If the new Community Manager space is to be a success, it would help if jive made an conscious contribution to the group -


          You could gain some insight into what is on our mind in the Ideas for Jive space as a start, and tapping into the country user groups, and support queries could also help.


          I would definitely like to access additional training, as well as have input from your product managers on things like the Events Module, Analytics, etc.  And anything that could make all of the information accessible from a one-stop-shop would definitely save time, that I could use instead to promote jive within my business -



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              I would echo Tanya and also add that peer to peer training short demos from

              different customers would be helpful - it doesn't have to be a big

              marketing event just a let me tell you how I did this... Or tackled this...


              For example News is top of everyone's minds Kathryn Everest did a great job

              of helping some of us get our heads around it but why not have a customer

              do a demo - the biggest piece that is missing for me on some of your

              changes is seeing it in a community first hand.


              It isn't the easiest job to pull us together. Thank you for giving it the

              thought it deserves and driving a plan forward.




              On 3 Jul 2015, at 08:58, Tanya Burak <communities-no-reply@jivesoftware.com>

              • Re: Update on combining the Internal and External community groups
                Libby Taylor

                Thanks for your feedback Tanya. It's my plan to personally manage the new community manager space and tap our Jive experts for greater depth. I'll take a look at the Ideas for Jive space to see if I can get a pulse of what's hot. Typically our product people spend the most time watching that space and admittedly I've been focused on other areas of the community more. Appreciate the reminder to cover all the bases.