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    How to leverage JiveX for Annual User Conferences

    Jordan Dayton

      Hello all!  Our annual user conference is coming up in June and I was wondering what others have done to foster community engagement in Jive, in addition to the live experience inherent at conferences.


      Please share your thoughts! Or link me to another place where you may have already shared ;-)


      Does the buncball integration allow you to generate some redemption codes that can be entered somewhere in Jive?

      Is there another way that anyone has leveraged redemption codes?


      I did see the Jiveworld Game Series from 2014 and 2012 which def gives some good ideas.


      Looking forward to some other perspectives...

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          Libby Taylor

          Hi Jordan Dayton

          I moved this discussion over to our Jive External Communities space since this is the most appropriate location for you to get the answers you need.


          I can tell you what we do at Jive for JiveWorld... in a brief nutshell:

          • We log our registration through Marketo
          • We have a script that auto-adds registrants to the Space in the community for JiveWorld upon the completion of registration.
          • We pop a badge in the person's JC profile as a part of the Marketo integration script that works with Bunchball.
          • We have a mobile app every year that is also linked to our Bunchball system which adds badges as well.


          Since I was only involved in a part of all of this, I can't really go into great detail. I'm sure you could post something in the developer forum if you're looking for more DIY help, or you can engage Jive professional services or a partner for a solution that works perfectly with all of your components and systems.

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            Brace Rennels I know EMC has great success in this area. Can you help Jordan Dayton with some of the best practices you use at EMC and the results?

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                I'm also very interested in what EMC and others have done for this! 


                I'll share some on what we have done, we have leveraged JiveX for a number of our events, the biggest of which was our Maximize 2015 conference, where we had two areas, a public area accessible to anyone promoting the event and an attendee only virtual room that allowed any attendee to connect with others before, during, and after the event.


                The attendee-only space was where all presentations, keynotes, and assets were later shared, exclusively. We promoted other event programs, like our new customer awards program, across both areas.


                We had great participation and engagement and our community grew significantly thanks to this event. We proactively invited every registrant to that area, and had customized outreach to groups including track owners, customer speakers, partner speakers, expo hall presenters, attendees who were already community members, and attendees who were not yet members of our community. For these diverse audiences, we targeted ways to recommend they take ownership and lead the conversation.


                Thanks to anyone who can share links or details of what they have built in JiveX to share with customers in association with conferences and events!



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