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    Bug in place.getMembers() in javascript apis

    pawans Advanced

      Hello Jivers,

      I found some problem with javascript api today.

      Wanted to confirm if anyone else is getting this issue.


      I wanted a way in jive's javascript api to know if a user is member of a group.

      For this I loaded the group in current context.

      then I call the method getMembers on it with a person uri as a filter.

      Ideally I should get list of memberships with only one membership item (if user is member of that group) or an empty list.

      But here, irrespective of the filter aded, I get all members of the group.


      Here's an example code to show this issue


      osapi.jive.core.container.getLaunchContext(function (currentContext) {
        osapi.jive.corev3.places.get({entityDescriptor: [700, currentContext.jive.content.id]})
        .execute(function (jiveResponse) {
         var place = jiveResponse.list[0];

      where person uri is in following format



      The data.list always has all the memberships for that group.


      I tried the members REST api with similar filters and it works fine.

      The way I have added the filter also seems right as I a using the same format in some other add-ons (i.e. giving a json of supported filters).

      Is anyone else getting this issue?

      Do you know if there is any change to the filter (the documentation shows this as the right one).