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    Feature Brainstorm : "Reserved and/or Protected Tags"

    Ryan Rutan

      So in dealing with some business requirements, we've come across an interesting cross-roads.  We love the concept of tagging and how it allows us to structure our data; however, there is a shade of grey that would be nice between "Wild-wild west" and "office space".


      In the end, we want to build processes that enable people to monitor tags to monitor the influx of content; however, what-if someone accidentally removes a tag that a person is montoring?  There are lots of ways to consume data, so we feel that this would ultimately be caught by "someone" at some time, but maybe not "in-time" to prevent a "miscommunication" from occurring.


      So here are my thoughts, what about a concept called "Reserved Tags", features could include the following:

      • Boolean indication on a tag that indiciates if it is reserved, meaning that when added ...it can only be removed by the following conditions
        • The same person who added the tag (may be a special permission, create Reserved Tag?)
        • A Space Administrator
        • A System Administrator
      • In short, the UI should react in the following
        • When adding a tag in the traditional edit-mode of 2.5, all tags should be considered open.
        • If a tag is removed in edit mode that is considered "reserved" the system should ignore the remove request
      • A seperate UI should be created (if needs be in the admin console), or an AJAX drop-down from the MenuBar


      • Input for tags in space delimited format (as-is today).  Indication of checkbox or binary method for Reserved Status for all Tags defined in the text field.
      • Leaning towards an AJAX MenuBar element for this interface (this could replace the need for the tag-editor in the Edit Document)
      • Expected functionality of either "re-adding" an open-tag with the Reserved set to TRUE to "Edit" an existing tag from open to reserved, and/or a remove of the open tag, and re-add of the Reserved Tag.  To go the other way, requires the same permissions as defined above.

      Any one else see some value in this type of structure?  This may be related to this discussion, Feature Idea: Independent Tagging vs. Combined Edit + Tagging Feature


      Under the hood, I see a simple column add to the jiveObjectTag (isReserved), default mass update to 0 for all entries, and the necessary uptakes in the API.


      To implement this to meet our requirements, we were going to use the METADATA properties to store a "mandatory tags" field...that we would register a document listener to validate that all tags in that field are present after an edit.  It's a simple solution that meets are requirements, but figured a more global solution might benefit others.