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    How to 'take the learning to the learner' while in Jive

    clairetaz Jive SME

      Keeley Sorokti and Andy Wooler


      This discussion is not so much about how to use Jive as a learning platform but more about how to learn Jive while using Jive.


      I want to have a go at taking this approach of 'taking the learning to the learner' with my platform training/learning. Wherever the user is, in the platform, I want them to know what to do etc. We obviously have a group for support, training etc but I still think more can be done to make it more intuitive. I think the learning curve is something that slows down the rollout of deeply beneficial use cases. Others have the same challenge How do you train 26,000 people to use Jive as a social intranet???


      This discussion is to brainstorm a bit. If it is out of scope of your group purpose let me know.