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    Are you interested in sharing your educational strategy with others? And learning from others?


      Keeley Sorokti and I recently had a conversation about training your company to use Jive. She had a great suggestion to host a WebEx session in which we share how we are working to training our colleagues. I am very interested in how others go about this.


      Topic would include at least the questions below:

      • What you are training on?
      • What do you think are the most important feature for new users? For advanced users?
      • Who do you train? (How do you categorize your learners?)
      • How do you deliver your training?
      • How do you incentivize people to attend? Or read the educational content?
      • How frequently do you publish training content or hold training sessions?


      If you'd like to attend, add your name to this discussion. Keeley offered to set up a virtual meeting for us and will manage the invitations. I'd like to hold this session by July 31, if it works into Keeley's schedule.


      cc: Learning and Development