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    How to pull report on Jive places and last activity date for it?

    nayana_thorat@persistent.com Novice


      We would like to get report as active communities in Jive.

      For example, community name (Spaces/Groups) and recent activity date for it.


      I could get details by browsing through jive instance => places tab however I can't download it.

      Couldn't see such report in community manager reports.




        • Re: How to pull report on Jive places and last activity date for it?

          Hi Nayana,


          Thanks for raising this question with us around reporting on place activities.  If the existing Places Activity report in the CMR is insufficient for your purposes and you have access to Jive Cloud Analytics, you may wish to look into developing a way to utilize the Data Export Service (DES) to accomplish this.  Please refer to the documentation here:


               Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics)


          To get it in a CSV format, you might considering using


          • GET /analytics/v2/export/activity/csv


          If you don't already have access, please refer to the request process outlined here:


               Requesting access to Jive Cloud Analytics


          Unfortunately, I'm unable to provide detailed development guidance on this, as this falls outside the scope of Jive Customer Support.  However, I would encourage reviewing the existing documentation and topics in the Jive Developers space.  You'll be able to collaborate with the greater development community from here.


          Let me know if you had any other questions on this.




          Jeph Yang