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    Jive-sdk example-jira add-on error?

    xqal5 Novice

      I've completed the authentication with the sample application, but when the configuration screen pops up, or if I try to click the "apply" button, I get this error in my console.  On the add-on itself, there is no response.


      [2015-07-07 18:16:57.847] [ERROR] jive-sdk - error proxying request:http://<JIRA_HOST>/rest/api/latest/filter/favourite{"code":"ENOTFOUND","errno":"ENOTFOUND","syscall":"getaddrinfo"}                                                                                                                                                                                                       

      [2015-07-07 18:16:57.847] [ERROR] jive-sdk - undefined


      I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight on how to fix it, or if anyone has seen something similar in the past?