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    Do categories have an impact on the search?


      I was wondering if one can use categories have an impact on search results.

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          Hi Patrick,


          Thanks for raising this question around category search.  Categories alone do not directly affect search, although you may filter content by categories.  In order for categories to become searchable, you'll need to associate a tag with it as outlined in the documentation (example here is Jive Cloud) under step 2c:

          Categories are words or phrases an administrator provides for users to classify content in a place. (You can also assign categories to classify places themselves—see Managing Place Categories.) As an administrator, you definecategories in a way that's meaningful inside the particular place (a space or social group, for example). As you create categories, think about how the place's content should be grouped. You can optionally associate certain tags with the category. If you do, someone who uses those tags to label content in the place will see the category's name highlighted. This is a cue to consider assigning the content to the category.

          By managing the list of categories, you can help ensure that content is organized in the best way for people using the place. Spaces categories can be managed in the Admin Console, but groups and project categories are created by accessing Manage > Categories.


          Fastpath: Admin Console: Spaces > Management > CategoriesManagement


          To manage categories:
          1. In the Admin Console, go to Space > Management > Categories Management.
          2. To create a new category:
            1. Select a space and then click Create New Category.
            2. Enter the new category's name and description.
            3. Enter the tags that should be associated with this category. When people attempt to assign these tags, they'll be prompted to assign the associated category.
            4. Click Save.
          3. To edit an existing category:
            1. Under Categories, locate the category you want to edit.
            2. Click the category's edit icon.
            3. Edit the category properties as needed.
            4. Click Save.

          SOURCE:  https://docs.jivesoftware.com/cloud_int/comm_mgr/jive.help.core/#admin/ManagingCategories.html

          Presuming the tag and categories are the same name, you'll be able to search for it.  However, you're technically searching by tags.


          I hope that answers your question.  Let me know if you needed any further clarification.



          Jeph Yang