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    I cannot assign one of my resources to a task in producteev?


      Whenever I try and assign one particular resource (person) to a task the name will be displayed but when I click on it to add it, it does nothing?

      Here is the java error that is displayed..


      2appWorkspace-en_US.js:569 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefinedr.updater @ appWorkspace-en_US.js:569t.select @ appWorkspace-en_US.js:569t.click @ appWorkspace-en_US.js:569h.isFunction.i @ appWorkspace-en_US.js:569h.event.dispatch @ appWorkspace-en_US.js:569g.handle @ appWorkspace-en_US.js:569


      Has anybody else seen this issue?