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        How does Jive support the engagement that millennial patients crave? 

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            Bianca Richman - I think Jive as a platform can provide that mobile, social experience that is aligned with how millennials prefer to engage. I think main challenge is are health systems willing to engage in this way with patients. There are a few talking about it but no one that I'm aware of that is actually doing it. I think now is the time to start small in this area with simple things like wellness, community engagement, etc then move into more patient specific areas (which are a bit more challenging from a regulation standpoint). What I hear when I talk to current customers and prospects is typically something along the lines of; who is going to staff that, we would have to redo are whole workflow, need more FTE's, what if..... It's challenging to find someone willing to champion this type of change...


            That said, I'm not a millennial so I would be interested to hear what someone like Ian Botbyl has to say based on his experience.

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                I think Jive can defiantly support patient engagement. In a perfect world patients can engage with physicians and care givers anytime in the digital world. Something like Jive-x would allow patients to ask questions, get quick responses, and even interact in real time discussions on key issues. Using the Jive platform a healthcare organization can give millennials not only a desktop but a mobile platform to engage with. Mobile, as we all know is key, for me being able to chat with Chime would be something interesting to see. Or have the ability to get my news about what is happening with my healthcare organization all in one app. A big piece of it is also gamification, if you can tie in gamification to something tangible for a millennial audience the adoption is going to be huge! We all know a free hoodie would be amazing for any product we use . In my mind I imagine a world where just like getting Apple tech support online, I can go to a site and ask any questions about the care I receive. It can all be possible using Jive. I would love to hear your feedback! Hope all is well Bianca Richman!