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    Hosted - what is customizable


      What like to hear from hosted customers examples of what you've customized. I am still trying to understand what is customizable in hosted vs cloud. Thank you!

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          Billy Volpone

          Hi Shara, as Libby mentioned before in a related topic, the answer to this question is best summed up by "it depends". "Customization" is just too broad of a term in most cases and it would help to get more specific either around a use case and/or a piece of the solution you're looking to alter (ie: global theme, document uploading, profiles, gamification, rich text editor, widgets or tiles, etc). Honestly we've closed a lot of gaps between what's possible in cloud that used to only be in hosted (mostly around theming). So if you could guide the community a bit, I think you might find more specific feedback. In the end though, hosted clients have TONS of flexibility, so whatever you want to do, we can often accomplish.