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    CMR - doesn't include Project counts?

    tmaurer Guru

      We've been doing a lot of clean-up of "dead" spaces and groups, and were using content pages and CMRs to get a handle on what was unused in our community. I've just realized that although there is a checkbox to include subspace information in CMRs, there doesn't seem to be a way to include the activity in projects in the counts. Since projects need to be contained within a group or space, and do not have CMRs of their own, this seems like a huge hole in what is reports. Not to mention the fact that we've accidentally deleted a whole lot of apparently useful projects because of the misunderstanding around this data.


      Curtis Gross - is this something that is under consideration for reports? And if not, how do we get to this data? I also wonder if it is included in the newer Community Health reporting.