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    Installing and using Jive Connector for Chime

      Installing and using the Jive Connector for Chime App


      2015.3 Jive-n Cloud release brings with it a full integration between Jive n and Jive Chime. Below is a full guide on how to enable Jive chime from within Jive-n.


      NOTE: If you wish to manage Jive Chime users and sync user data between Chime and Jive-n, please contact your Jive Representative. 


      1. Go to the add-ons management screen

      As an admin or community manager, go to the add-on console to install the Jive Connector for chime


      2. Install Jive Connector for Chime

      find Jive Connector for Chime add-on in the list of available add-ons (currently, only Cloud 2015.3 instances)


      3. no configuration required.

      The app will relay on Jive users profile's email field in order to know who to Chime.


      4. Enable end users to get the Chime client


      Click and get to:

      Learn More here:


      End users will see:


      5. Click to Chime

      End user can initiate a Chime chat with a single user easily from his profile or his over card:


      6. Share with Chime

      In places such as groups and docs, a share with Chime link will open the chime client with a link-back to the content you came from in Jive. You will need to enter the people you wish to share this content with.

      Bookmark and use it when 2015.3 comes out in a few days.

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