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    Have you tried building a Custom View Tile / Simple Stream Integration?  If so, you might be able to speak at JiveWorld16!

    Ryan Rutan Guru

      We are trying to put the final touches on the speaker submissions for JiveWorld16:

      JiveWorld16 Developer Conference is Looking for Developer Speakers.  What About You?

      and we have a session that we are trying to put together around developers who are using some of the cool new features in Jive 8 and Cloud, such as:


      For this session to work, we are looking for a few developers to present their successes (10-15 minutes max) in a shared session.


      If you have built a solution using either of these technologies and are interested to share it with others, it might be earn you FREE registration at JiveWorld16.


      Solution(s) must meet the following requirements to be considered.


      Please add your submission ideas to this thread and we'll look at them in the coming weeks.  Feel free to reach out to me or Rashed Talukder with any questions.