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    Get <browse id> from url

    frd49 Novice

      Hey Jive Community


      Is it possible to get the browse id from an URL without using the REST API? I want to create a link to open a video directly in the native jive app throu jivecore url scheme. The URL to the video looks something like this: https://aaaa.bbbbb.com/videos/2536 .

      Refering to Deep-linking to content in iOS and Android native apps.  I need to have something like jivecore://content/xyz


      Any help will be highly appreciated.

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          Ryan Rutan Guru

          Not sure I understand the request/use-case, but will try to answer.


          If you know the VIdeo ID, and just need the URL ... then you can use the API and do a /contents?filter=entityDescriptor((1100,VIDEOID)  where 1100 is the ContentType for Video.  This will prevent you from having to arbitrarily get the ContentID so you can call /contents/ID.


          From there, the API response has resources.self.ref  or resources.html.ref as needed to resolve the object.


          Does that help?

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              frd49 Novice

              Hi Ryan


              It helps partially. I think I didn't express myself clearly. Maybe a Use-Case description makes it a bit easier:



              1. A (non technical) user uploads a video to jive.

              2. He wants to send a link by email or something else to open the video on a mobile device.

              3. The video shall be opened in the Jive app and not in the browser.


              So I need to do this without using the API because it should be done by a user without any technical background.

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                frd49 Novice


                After playing arround with the API I think I can exactly tell what I need.


                I have the video id and need the content id without using the API.