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    Changes to Site: Rewards, Status, and more

    emptyhour Novice

      About a week ago, one of our employees received a notification from Jive that "Jive will be making routine resource allocation adjustments to ensure the optimal performance and stability of your site."


      Yesterday when I logged into Jive, there were a lot of changes made that I assume were part of these adjustments but I would like to confirm that.


      • Status and points were disabled across the site (I have since reenabled them).
      • Rewards and missions were activated on the site. I assume I can disable this if we want to by simply uninstalling?
      • The Menu under the Home button that used to show the personal view page and inbox is gone. It appears you can still get there from the bell icon. I believe that's everything, but it's possible there are more changes I just haven't found yet.


      Can you please confirm if these changes took place on the Jive end? I have asked everyone in our company who might have done this and no one has any idea. Also, if there were more changes, is there a list of these changes so I can review them and communicate them to our teams?


      Thank you.