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    Gamification - how many levels to use?

    milan.obradovic Novice

      Is there any tutorial or best practice document about gamification within Jive - is it scalable, how to change number of ranks, what is a logic to promote members to new rank etc...?

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          mherger Novice

          I cannot talk about best practice document or tutorial for Jive, but using levels and how many of them depends on where you want to go. You'd start with player skill level and creating multiple of them for each stage. Based on that you need to look how you work on the points distribution to progress from each level to the next. To give you some guidance, I did an analysis on different level based reputation/community system to see how they use the points progression. The article is here.

          Also there is no need to define all levels from the beginning. Start with the first handful, and then see how people are progressing. Later you can add levels. Frequent Flyer programs with their status/level programs also didn't start with all levels, but just stopped at 1 million miles. Once the first customers reached the level, the airlines knew better about the behaviors of their customers and also had time to think about new perks for the next levels.



          You can find more information including this excerpt from the article in my books

          • Enterprise Gamification: Engaging people by letting them have fun (in Print or as PDF)
          • Gamification in Community & Innovation Management (in Print or as PDF)

          Or all six books as PDF bundle.

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