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    How do you use Status Updates?


      We are implementing an internal community as a replacement for our current knowledge base. It's a hybrid community of knowledge base for our business partners and social collaboration for internal users. I currently have status updates disabled for the entire community because I can't think of a good business reason to use them and because I think they can be confusing for people; for example, do I post a status update or a discussion?


      Do you have Status Updates enabled? What controls do you have in place?

      What business purpose do Status Updates serve?

      Are Status Updates searchable?

      In general, how do you use them?

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          Hi Tracy -


          We have Status Updates enabled, and slowly (after 2 years!) they are starting to catch on. In general, people use them as an out of office function, or to say they are meeting with others in the business, to mention interesting reads.


          This is fine for general status updates, but struggling too, with how they are used in Groups.


          Also - general status updates were really helpful when we were on Jive 5 - as they appeared at the top of a person's profile - great for 'I am on holiday / out of the office / on mat leave / I'm travelling to X office' etc -

          But, we find now that they are buried on the Jive 7 profile page, they are less visible, unless you go to Activity.



          Keen to watch this thread for other ideas.

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            Great question, I think status updates are one of the major underused Jive features with great potential.


            At my company, we use them in two ways:

            • As tweets that can link to a longer post, typically some kind of news, to give it visibility. We've set up a "live feed" of these updates (based on using a #tag) in our organization's community, and it's a great way to have a constantly updating news channel.

                 So people don't need to follow the updater to see their update.

            • More conventionally, people use them to share information with their followers. Busy execs can find this a nice alternative to writing a longer blog. Again, use of tags and @ mentions is helpful.

            I do feel that Jive doesn't give enough visibility to status updates - I believe they don't even appear as one of the content types in the Content tab. As the Jive equivalent of Twitter, they should get a lot more prominence in the interface, better support for their display (like Twitter, showing the pic or linked excerpt), and be seen as at least as valuable as other content types.

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              Yes we have them enabled, and yes they get used:

              • Out of office
              • General newsy information
              • A way to communicate quickly from the road (often for execs)


              Think of them like short blog posts. And if you think like this, you can see how they can be used as personal as well as in a group. Because sometimes you want to give a quick status update that is specific to a group working on a project, or your team group, etc. Before this part of the functionality was available, we had users specifically asking for it. And even in an open group, posting a status update to a place helps make it obvious what the main focus of that update is and/or who the audience is.

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