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    How to customise(override) Jive user profile

    palankar Novice

      I am using jive 6 .When user logged in i will ask him he want to show his status level point or not

      if he select Yes then we will status level point in his user profile or if select no then we don't want to show him/her status level point

      In short i want to show status level point for some user  and some not .

      Any idea on this

      For this which action i have to override and what are changes i have to do in ftl or soy file

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          hanpark Novice

          I am also looking to overriding the default Jive profile. Preferrably with some integration with the current Jive profile UI, but if not I can completely replace it.

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            hanpark Novice

            Hi just to let you know I was able to override the stock Jive profile using a plugin. I'm in Jive 7. If you go into your Jive 7 installation you should find the struts-community.xml file which describes the struts actions in Jive. Note there are other struts .xml files there as well, but the struts-community.xml has the action


                <!-- New profile page -->
                <action name="user-profile" class="com.jivesoftware.community.profile.action.ViewProfile">
                    <interceptor-ref name="defaultStack"/>
                    <result name="success" type="soy-page">jive.people.profile.biography</result>


            which is the one you want to override. In your plugin, just create a struts action named "user-profile" as well and whatever you do with that action will override the stock Jive profile. I used the jive.people.profile.biography.soy template as a starting point for my custom profile screen. I wanted to keep most of the stock elements, just change the initial page. The only problem about this approach is that future upgrades to Jive could break it and require some recoding if they change the underlying code (the biography.soy template).


            Hope that helps.

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                Scott A Johnson Advanced

                An alternative could be using Extending Jive with Plugin Template Definitions.


                This is useful for adding or hiding components to a specific page or group of pages. Usually you'll include a snippet of javascript to affect the change. So in the case of hiding point totals on the profile page, you could add a snippet like this in the body template.




                You'd just need to add in some logic to determine which users to show and hide which could be a flag you add to the model.


                This is usually a less intrusive customization than overriding actions.


                Hope this helps.