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    Inline email replies

    pawans Advanced


      Currently Jive does now support inline email replies.

      if anyone does an inline reply to a post in Jive, the inline words get lost and only the main body of the reply is displayed on jive site.

      Has anyone tried to fix a similar issue?

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          anuj.pathak Advanced

          Hey Pawan ....I have similar issue , did you able to fix this issue or fix the broken data already in production

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              pawans Advanced

              Hi Anuj,

              We still have this issue. Jive has not fixed this.

              On our prod instance right now (Jive cloud), this issue persists emails generated for all content types except for discussions.

              In case of discussions we have a custom version of streamonce setup which handles this.


              By default streamonce syncs discussions started in google groups and then comments generated on both jive and google.

              In our case, even the emails for discussions started on jive are sent to all users through google groups.

              A jive email notification is not generated for any discussion.


              So basically we used google groups to fix this issue

              This issue troubled us so much in past, that in our company when this issue occurs, people have termed it as discussions getting "Jived".


              We are facing this issue since more than 4 years now. I am surprised no other Jive customers ever faced this as a critical issue. Hence jive has not fixed it.

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                  anuj.pathak Advanced

                  Hi Pawan, Sorry I missed your reply somewhere in my inbox.


                  Thanks for providing much detail about your issue but I think what we are facing is different from this.

                  Our issue is , when someone reply to a thread from external client (e.g. Outlook), the reply subject is saved as null in JiveMessage table and due to this lots of data in some widget are coming up with no title.


                  We recently upgraded to Jive 8 and but wanted to fix our broken data from previous jive version.