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    Questions about archiving content


      Hello everyone,

          We are looking for the best way to archive outdated discussions in our community and were wondering how other users have successfully accomplished this.  Just a few questions on the topic:


      1. Is there a way to move content in bulk or does each discussion have to be archived individually?


      2. Is there a way to make some of the content in the archives searchable?  We have a lot of discussions that are correctly answered questions that we would like to remove from navigation, but allow users to search for.


      3. Is it possible to archive an entire space at one time?


      4. What are the differences between archiving content and deleting it outright?  If someone were to visit a URL, would there be a different message based on whether the content was archived or deleted?  Will there be any implications with Google/search engines if content is deleted rather than archived?


      Please don't hesitate to add anything that you have done in the past that have made similar projects easier for you.


      Thank you,


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          Hello Josh,


          I have some answers for you on this.


          1.  There are 2 solutions I'm aware of.  One is free and open source, but is not officially Jive supported: Jive add-on to move content in bulk between places .  Jive PS also has Curate Tool FAQ but that has a cost.


          2. If you were to move things to an Archive space that has open permissions, people will still be able to search for it. 


          3.  If you want this searchable, I would recommend changing the space name to include the word "archive" but not actually move the content.  If you would like this particular space to be removed from view and search results, I would pull all permissions off of it so only admins can see it.


          4.  Jive does not have a native Archive feature, so we would be moving it or deleting it to get rid of it.  Moving it and leaving permissions open to its destination location would allow Google searches and pre-existing links to the content to work.  If you delete the content then visitors will reach an error after that letting them know the content has been deleted.


          Just to note though, often times Jive will recommend against the archiving of content because like correct answers, each piece of content has history, past context, and some sort of value.  The search results will naturally drop content lower in the results when its old and stale and hasn't been used in a while, unless the search system decides that the old piece of content is exactly relevant to the search more so than newer content.

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              Hi Tyler - I have a similar requirement - 2 scenarios -


              Our internal job board - what to do when a position is 'filled' and we don't want it to appear anymore?


              Our buy and sell board  (discussion) - what to do when something is 'sold'

              We don't want people to delete the content, but rather, 'file' it so it is out of recent activity and content streams.


              Your thoughts?

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                  Hi Tanya,

                  Marking jobs that have been filled or items that have been sold as "Outdated" is a great suggestion, per Tyler Whitesides.  As he mentioned that should make those content items show lower in search results and will have a flag at the top letting everyone know that item is Outdated.


                  This is assuming that because you don't want the items deleted that means you do still want them to be searchable?  If that IS the case you could keep them in the same group bu add them to an "Archive" category.  Or move them to an open Archive group to keep them completely separate.


                  If you only want to keep the content items for potential ediscovery later, and not available for  for general searchability, I'd move them to a restricted Archive space.

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                    What about using categories?   A category for "sold" or "filled".   Tagging might work too.   What you're talking about is applying "metadata" to Jive content.   When you think about metadata in Jive:


                    1. there's certain out of the box metadata like "answered" or "helpful" for questions

                    2. there's outcomes like "outdated" or "final" or "official"

                    3. and then there's categories or tags.


                    You're best option would be to explore how categories or tags might be used.  Categories offer more consistent way (group owner controlled) to filter / organize content.  Tags are user generated. 

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                       Thanks for the quick reply.  You mention an add-on that is not Jive supported.  How does that work and what are the risks in using it?



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                        Tanya -- Thats a good question.  I've relayed that to the Strategy Consultant group internally and will see what others recommend.  My first inclination would be to have you mark them as Outdated.  That way they drop out of favor in the top search results unless someone is doing a very specific search that matches the content.  But, "Outdated" might not be the right word for the context of what you are trying to convey to whomever visits that page.


                        Joe -- The risks in using it are minimal to none, luckily Add-Ons in Jive are very good about that (as opposed to Plugins which can do bad things like prevent Jive startup if something is not working).  Add-Ons can be installed and uninstalled all without restarting your instance.  Its open sourced for others to look at the code and improve, so that also reduces any risk of unknown code doing unknown things in your system.  The only business risk to you is that since its code that Jive did not write, our Support team would not be able to help fix any bugs in it, or advise on its use if you submitted a case.  They would refer you back to the author of the add-on for any support.