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    Who voted in a poll?

    emilynpeng Novice

      Hi Community!!  I was wondering if it is possible to see who voted for what in a poll?

      Purpose: so I know who has voted!


      Thank you!

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          Andrew Kratz Advanced

          Your post just caught my eye.  I don't have a complete answer here, but thought this might be helpful.


          I'm recalling from a few years back when you could see that data in the analytics (who voted for the poll)...pretty sure.  So I don't believe there is an end user or administrative way to do it quickly/easily.  However, if you explore pulling down the analytics data that might be an option.

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              emilynpeng Novice

              Hi Andrew Kratz


              Thanks for the tip! Do you mean going to community manager reports?

              I explored a few options there but don't seem to see an option where I could find out more about the poll I created.


              Forgotten User , Tayler Trottier - came across similar questions?

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                  Andrew Kratz Advanced

                  No I mean the Jive analytics database.   It gets a bit more technical to pull down and do something with it, so you may need some assistance depending on your technical chops.  Depending on if you are cloud, hosted, on-prem the steps are different.  I found some information below that has more details.   


                  I don't believe there is any "super easy" end-user or admin feature that you can just click on and look this up such as the admin console or community management reports.


                  Here are those docs...there are more out there as well.


                  How To: Working With Database Dumps

                  Finding the Jive Database Schemas


                  There is no cost to get access to your database from Jive, however you need someone to work with it as I don't believe it is in the scope of Jive support to assist clients on this.  We have folks on our team that do this work as consultants.  But for a one-off question I'm not sure it is worth it.  Maybe see if there is someone more technical that might be interested to play with the analytics database as a side project.


                  I hope this helps,



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                clairetaz Jive SME

                A member of my community asked me this question today. Andrew Kratz thanks for your input, very useful.

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                  tburak Jive SME

                  Agree Emily - It is technical solution to something that should be really simple - show the voters to admins.

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                    Andrew Kratz Advanced

                    There is an Ideas for Jive around this called   .  It is 5 years old and only has 160 points ( 32 votes)....but vote it up!  I just did.  Note that with ideas you can see who voted, so maybe keep them in mind instead of a poll if your poll is a simple up or down vote.  Then you can see who voted which way.


                    Another thought I had was for Steven Green or Brennan Kirby to link out to their polling/Survey tool information  There is a cost for this add-on product, but the Tembo guys are doing some nice work in a couple of areas (Employee recognition, more advanced ideation and a more robust poll/survey tool that is integrated with Jive). 

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                        tburak Jive SME

                        Thanks Andrew - just voted it up -

                        Funny enough - in an 'Idea' you can see precisely who voted...  so, not rocket science!

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                          Steven Green Novice

                          Thanks Andrew Kratz - Yes, TemboSocial Polls & Surveys will provide you with that visibility into who voted and a lot more.  Our solution allows customers to:

                          - Build multi-question polls with advanced branching and targeted endings that lead participants to deeper content pages

                          - Surveys for measurement

                          - Learning and Development modules

                          - Quiz Polls to test knowledge and engage your audience

                          - Image polls (aka, Buzzfeed style polls)

                          - Timed Polls that add a gamified experience with leaderboards to your Jive-x and Jive-n site

                          - Personality Polls where participants answer a number of questions and are presented with the 'reveal' to see which type they are.  We have done some really fun ones for M&M's, RBC and the *** and the City movie premier.



                          Additionally, the deep integration with Jive means that Profile Data is passed to the reporting.  Another great feature is the posting to the activity stream - for each poll or survey you can choose to post and can configure the posted content.  So, for example, in the case of a quiz, the activity stream could display, " Steven Green scored 30 out of 50 in the Halloween Quiz. Take the quiz and see how you do." Leveraging network effects to drive participation.


                          We support both Jive 7 and Jive 8+

                          Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.17.13 AM.png



                          TemboSocial is a Jive certified Add-On

                          Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.22.42 AM.png

                          ...that is very intelligently designed to provide proper enterprise governance over what data is collected.

                          Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.16.47 AM.png


                          If you would like to learn more about TemboSocial Polls for Jive, feel free to let me know.  We have a few fresh licenses left on the shelf.

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                          steve.trorbyte Beginner

                          This query will retrieve the list of voters ; substitute the XXXX for the poll id. This assumes you have DB access.


                          select p.name "Poll", o.optionText "Option", u.username, u.firstName, u.LastName

                          from jivePoll p, jivePollOption o, jivePollVote v, jiveUser u

                          where p.pollID=XXXX

                          and p.pollID=o.pollID

                          and v.optionID=o.optionID

                          and v.userID=u.userID;

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                            Steven Green Novice

                            You may want to visit our new Jive Polls & Survey page here: Polls + Surveys for Jive