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    Curate Tool vs. Contents Optimizer?

    Patrick Leffas

      We need to migrate large amounts of content in our internal community from various groups/spaces to other groups/spaces. Trying to decide between Jive's Curate Tool and 7Summit's Contents Optimizer.


      Does anyone have any real world experience they can share about either one? Pros and cons, etc.? Thanks!

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          Hi Patrick - we've used both. Dina Vekaria-Patel in my team is the resident expert on both.

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            Dina Vekaria-Patel

            Hi Patrick


            I did a comparison between the two tools when we got the Jive Curate tool. The comparison I did was with the version of 7Summits i was using at the time (i'm sorry, i don't remember which version it was). They may well have updated and have more functions now.


            Here's what i found:


            ActionType/OptionsActionType/OptionsKey Differences, if any
            Select SourceSpace, Group or ProjectSelect SourceSpace, Group, Project or BlogYou can move a users blog in Curate, you can't in 7Summits
            Select Content TypesBlogs, Discussion, Documents & PollsSelect Content TypesDiscussion, Documents, Polls, Videos, IdeasYou can't move place blogs or status updates
            Move All ContentMoves all content from source (but only blogs, discussion, documents & polls)Move All ContentMoves all content from source (but only discussion, documents, polls, videos, ideas)
            Move Specific ContentCan be filterd by: Tags, Creation Date, Modification Date, Subject Keyword, Username, Category and Number of Page ViewsMove Specific ContentCan only be filterd by: TagMuch less filters to help with choosing specific content
            Save Content SearchEasily select content by saving a commonly used set of filters. Simply provide a nameSave Content SearchNot available
            Delete Selected ItemsNot availableDelete Selected ItemsAvailable for mass deletion of outdated contentCurate can mass remove content, 7Summits can't
            Moving content to targetYou can move content to another space, group or projectMoving content to targetYou can move content to another space, group or project
            Add TagsYou can enter the list of tags to add (separated by spaces):Add TagsThese tags will be added to all selected items ; existing tags will not be affectedYou have to click "Edit selected items"
            Remove TagsSelect options: "Remove all tags" or "Specify tags to remove". If specify is selected, you must enter at least one tag to remove:Remove TagsThese tags will be removed from all selected itemsAll or nothing
            Overwrite TagsNot availableOverwrite TagsThese tags will replace all the existing tags on all selected items (existing tags will be removed)
            Add CategoriesSelect categorie(s). If the list is empty, there are no categories in the current or target space:Add CategoriesThese categories will be added to all selected items ; existing categories will not be affected. (Note that a maximum of 25 categories are permitted.)
            Remove CategoriesSimply removes categoriesRemove CategoriesThese categories will be removed from all selected items
            Overwrite CategoriesNot availableOverwrite CategoriesThese categories will replace all the existing categories on the selected items (existing categories will be removed)
            Remove # TagsNot availableRemove # TagsRemove all tags that start with #
            Stream NotificationsNot availableStream NotificationsShow update in streams
            Convert categories to tagsSimple convert existing categories to tagsConvert categories to tags.Not available
            Preview of changesNot availablePreview of changesGives you a preview and tells you the action can't be undone, so a great additional step in case of mistakes.
            Confirmation of moveGives you a detailed confirmation. Number of content that's been moved, where it was moved from, where it moved too, if there were any errors.Confirmation of moveGives you confirmation of whats been moved, but only how many items, whether it's successful and if you had any errors


            As we're on Cloud now, we no longer have the 7Summits tool on our Jive Community. I've been using Curate to mass move content and have found it to be sufficient for what I need to tidy up our community. The only minor annoyance for me is if you're moving a few hundred pieces of content, Curate will only let you select 100 items at a time, you have to click the next page button to select another 100 more items. It would be better if you could just select all from the first page.


            I hope this helps.



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