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    Editing code that contains Japanese content displays multiple cursors, is slow and has other issues.

    jeromelefebvre Novice

      I have been having trouble editing a blog post content in the particular case in which I am editing code and that code includes Japanese characters (in comments).


      There is a few different problems

                    1. There is two cursors

                                  On top of each other in a line that only contains english text

                                  Separated in a line that contains Japanese

                    2. The edit window flashes whenever text is edited

                    3.  Mouse selection of a line sometime fails

                    4. Things are quite slow


      I see those errors or Mac + Safari and Windows + Chrome. But, in chrome, I havent seen the double cursor issue.


      Looking over the known issues in Jive. I found issue JIVE-39206


      The general title Problems using Content Editor with Japanese language might be covering this issues that I am seeing, but dont really know. Couldnt find if this was fixed later.

        • Re: Editing code that contains Japanese content displays multiple cursors, is slow and has other issues.

          Hi Jerome,


          I'm sorry to hear about your editing issues with Japanese text.   The bug you've referenced is applicable to Jive 6.0.2, but our engineering team was unable to reproduce the issue.  Specifically, the details are:


          When Enter is pressed to finalize the first string, the whole string moves to the second line on its own, and the cursor moves to the beginning of the second line. Any text entered from that point gets entered from the cursor position. The user is able to move the cursor around to the correct position, but this is not ideal.


          Depending on which version you're on, this may not be applicable either.  Testing against the latest version of Jive 8 and Jive Cloud, I not seeing double cursors in Safari or Chrome when editing with Japanese characters.  Since this will likely require targeted troubleshooting for your specific environment, I'd recommend submitting a support case in your private Jive Community customer group for further investigation.  If you're not familiar with the case submission process, please work with your community manager to identify your submission process.  In the support case, please provide specific steps to reproduce the issue, screenshots of what you're seeing, and a sample of the text or code you're entering.


          Let me know if you had any other questions on this.



          Jeph Yang