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    Point Values of Idea Votes?


      We recently added Ideas as a content type (don't ask 'why the delay?') and kept the value of votes to the default of 5. Many users are questioning why it isnot just 1 point to show the real value of the votes? I think it is arbitrary, but maybe they have a point. Is there some mathematical reason for using 5 that we are missing?


      Did you keep it 5? Why or why not?


      Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 11.56.09 AM.png


      EDIT: Changed "Ideas" to "Idea Votes" in title to not confuse points of posting an idea vs. points of the idea vote.

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          We kept the vote value at 5, it looks more substantial to see 60 vs. 12 or 200 vs. 40, especially in the beginning when you are trying to get early adoption and votes.

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            I tend to think that Ideas are cheap unless you action on them. I have ideas all the time.  The ones that I action...well, those have value.


            So having points for an idea is a good positive-response type of behaviour. It's comforting to those users with thousands of points to see that there's some benefit to creating new ideas. It probably also helps with engagement and retention of participation. There should be something like 1000 points for ideas that have manifested into something working. That would be incentive.

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